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Basement Water Leak

Is water in your basement giving you problems? If you’re looking for an expert waterproofing company in the Arnold, MO area, call Quality Waterproofing at 314-202-5000 today to speak to our expert staff for basement waterproofing, foundation repair, or air quality improvements!

No matter what it takes, we want to make your home comfortable and safe. From proper water protection to humidity removal from the air, a waterproofing system is responsible for making this happen for you and your family. It’s Quality Waterproofings’s responsibility to set it up correctly.

Your neighbors call us over other Arnold waterproofing contractors because of our expert staff and experienced team.

Do you have a service plan? By becoming a member of the Quality Waterproofing family with an annual maintenance plan, your sump pumps and dehumidifiers will be kept in top shape at all times.

Arnold, MO Services

We offer the following services to Arnold residents:

What makes us different from other Arnold foundation repair companies is we take pride in all the services we provide to our customers, no matter how big or small. The lasting relationships we create with our clients have allowed us to ensure that we provide the best services year after year.

We also…

  • Stand behind and guarantee our services 100%
  • Unconditionally deliver the highest quality products and services available
  • Never take shortcuts on anything we do, guaranteeing the highest quality services in Arnold.

Foundation Repair Services in Arnold

Every home has its faults and even the most recently built homes can have their problems. Settling ground, clay expansion, poor drainage, water pools, these can all contribute to foundation problems.

While some issues can easily be identified, others can be more difficult to diagnose, like problems far below the home. Before attempting to address the problems yourself, which can worsen the issue, trust in a professional. Our expert team can repair and stabilize your foundation ensuring that your home is always up to standards.

Air Quality Improvements in Arnold

Healthy air is a necessity for making sure your family is safe inside the home. Whether you have high humidity or other contaminants in the air, it needs to be remedied immediately.

Most air quality issues can be solved by updating the ventilation. Others, such as high humidity, can be remedied by calling Quality Waterproofing for expert dehumidifier installation. Call us today to have an expert member of our team address your needs professionally and efficiently.

Concrete Raising

We also offer services for leveling sunken concrete in basement and garage floors which can produce leaks, and even floods. As a major provider of concrete raising for years, our local company uses advanced methods that are explicit in giving permanent solutions. Time and time again we come across projects that were not professionally done. As a proud contractor in the industry we believe in giving quality assurance to our customers.

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We offer more comprehensive repair services than any other waterproofing or foundation repair company in Arnold! We provide top notch solutions for you whenever you need them, ensuring that your home is comfortable and safe for you and your family!

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