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Similar to your car, the longer you put off repairs on your home the worse (and more expensive) the damage will be. Luckily for you, Quality Waterproofing offers speedy, reliable service that will have your home repaired in no time! Looking for a waterproofing contractor in Fenton can be stressful, but not when you work with Quality Waterproofing! Don’t take our word for it—see what your neighbors are saying here!

Basement Water Leak

Contact us today for basement waterproofing, air quality improvements, or foundation repair service in Fenton! Whether you live by Highway 141, or close to Gravois, we’ll be there in a jiffy!

Waterproofing Services in Fenton

We offer a wide variety of services to the Fenton area, which include:

Foundation Repair

Patching your existing foundation year after year is costing you more money than you realize. Not only are you paying for numerous repairs, you’re also paying for potentially more problems.

If your home is more than 12-15 years old, it may be time to start inspecting your foundation for damage. Whether you need foundation repair or just foundation waterproofing, you'll be more than happy with our services.

Indoor Air Quality Improvements

Your home may have high humidity most of the time, thanks to the weather extremes we see here. Continuously high humidity leads to the growth of mold and potential damage to your home. Before allowing this to happen, trust the experts at Quality Waterproofing to install a dehumidifying system in your home.

Check out our air quality improvements here!

Concrete Lifting

As a professional slab repair expert we provide only the best services in concrete raising and leveling. This comes from years of experience in the industry and the vast amounts of research, knowledge, and certifications in sinking concrete problems. Our products and methods give permanent solutions for the benefit of the homeowner so that the repair is done once, and never arises again. Customers we have serviced in Fenton, MO have been satisfied with our workmanship and quality thus far, and we continue to expand upon this by simply providing an excellent service at a competitive rate.

Our Services Also Cover:

New Construction Waterproofing
A common problem with new homes is not waterproofing before the house is built. To work properly, a waterproofing system needs to be completely installed before the home is built. If the home is built and a waterproofing system has to be installed after the fact, it may not be as effective as one installed before the house is built.

Learn more about our new construction waterproofing.

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We take pride in all the services we provide to our customers, no matter how big or small. The lasting relationships we create with our clients have allowed us to ensure that we provide the best services year after year for our Fenton, MO neighbors.

We also…

  • Stand behind and guarantee our services 100%
  • Unconditionally deliver the highest quality products and services available
  • We will not take shortcuts on anything we do; this is how we deliver the highest quality and the best guarantees

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