Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation Wall Stabilization

Quality Waterproofing is a locally owned and operated business that wants to carry on our 60-year tradition of integrity and transparency, providing great products and service at a great price. Sagging foundations cause homes and offices to settle deeper into the ground which can lead to numerous problems, including basement water issues and structural cracking which can lead to the need for a basement waterproofing system to be installed. If you have cracks in your foundation or the basement walls, do not hesitate to contact us before they get worse.

Unlike many of our competitors, Quality Waterproofing is not a franchise, so we don’t offer a one-size fits all approach dictated by a third party agenda and layers of fees. More importantly, our technicians are driven by helping homeowners - not commissions. We recognize that many homes are similar, but that no two homes are exactly the same. As a result, we design and install custom solutions for each home so that we can effectively solve the specific problems you are encountering, without selling you more than you need. Further, our six decades of experience, combined with our knowledge, resources, products, and work ethic will allow us to solve your foundation problems and save you money the first time, every time.

Free inspections for foundation crack repair, so give us a call today!

And because we believe in our work, we offer a transferable warranty on foundation repairs, which range in duration from 5 years all the way up to the lifetime of the structure, depending on the products and service, as well as your budget and needs.

Types of Wall Cracks

Inward Wall Cracks

Inward Wall Push Horizontal

Diagonal crack at each end of wall.

Inward Wall Horizontal Cracks

Inward Wall Push Horizontal

Wall bows in & results in crack.

Rebar Pop Cracks

Rebar Pop

Rebar too close to concrete surface, moisture causing corrosion of rebar. Results in “pop-out.”

Vertical Settlement Cracks

Vertical Settlement & Wall Push

Wall pushed in, note diagonal at each end. Horizontal & vertical crack from settlement.

Vertical Wider at Bottom Cracks

Vertical Wider at Bottom

Settlement from center. Vertical settlement moving in center of wall.

Vertical Wider at Top Cracks

Vertical Wider at Top

Settlement from sides. Vertical movement pulling crack wider at top as it moves vertically at corners.

Shrinkage Crack

Shrinkage Crack

Vertical, less than or equal to 1/16 inch. Common & non-threatening.

Stair Step Cracks

Stair Step

Settlement, downward vertical movement causing break in mortar joint in CMU.

Structural Damage Repair

One of the worst things that can happen to you home is to have its foundation, the main support structure, compromised. We excel at repairing any structural damage that could be causing your foundation to potentially be weak or unable to support your home. We will take care of these problems using wall bracing for bowed or bowing wall repair, basement crack repair and permanent crack repair.

Carbon Fiber Crack Repair

This is a method for eliminating leaks from vertical shrinkage cracks. Our carbon fiber crack repair system solves two problems at once – it strengthens and reinforces your cracked or bowing foundation or basement wall, while providing a watertight barrier to keep your basement healthy and dry at the same time. Most of Quality Waterproofing’s carbon fiber foundation repairs are accompanied by a transferable life of the structure warranty. We have tested our carbon fiber repairs to the limit by sealing concrete blocks together and parking one of our trucks on top.

We prefer to use carbon fiber due to its proven strength and performance, but we also offer epoxy injection and polyurethane crack repair methods. Quality Waterproofing provides a 5-year transferable warranty on these products and services.

Life of Structure Warranty
for Carbon Fiber Repair

Street Creep Repair

Another problem that affects many homeowners is something called "street creep." This is what happens when the concrete in your driveway expands toward your home due to thermal expansion over time. While this only happens at a fraction of an inch per year, it can add up over time and eventually cause permanent foundation damage. We can repair this through the proper application of expansion joints to the driveway as well as our proven foundation repair methods.

If your home is experiencing any type of foundation problems, do not hesitate to contact us today to get a quote and more information.

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